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Anguilla Life

I for one loved Anguilla, the beach’s the restaurants and I mean the island itself was beautiful. And the crystal clear water that will take your breath away!

and i know what your thinking are there sharks in the water well to answer your question Anguilla has never had a shark attack ( knock on wood ) but enough talk about Sharks how about those restaurants I mentioned my favorite was a place called Straw Hat it was right on the beach so while your parents are ordering you can go swim or play in the sand

and the best part is they have breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! But if you are looking for more of a desert then I think you would like the village bake house. It is a french café.

Now changing the subject, my family had a pretty rough journey to Anguilla. We took two plane rides. The first wasn’t so bad but the second one was rough but I heard my parents talking about a new flight making it easier to get to Anguilla.

More stuff that you can do in Anguilla horseback riding! so talking about that my mom and little brother and I got to ride some beautiful horses mine was named Biscuit and if you want to avoid the sunscreen at all costs I would suggest going at 5:30 and since you will be going in the water wear a swimsuit I made the mistake of wearing shorts and a tea shirt.

Now that is all I have to talk about. I hope you enjoy Anguilla. P.S try the mangos(:

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